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Why Tourism, Hospitality, Heritage & Culinary Arts ?

The Tourism industry is one of the most important sectors in the Irish economy, employing in the region of 230,000 people nationwide and encompassing culture, gastronomy, heritage and hospitality. It is a dynamic and exciting industry that offers employment opportunities on a global scale. A qualification from the Galway International Hotel School will provide you with a passport to quality employment in Ireland or enable you to travel the world and continue to learn and build on the knowledge and skills acquired here.

Galway International Hotel School has established working partnerships with many industry stakeholders. Our programmes are developed in collaboration with these partners, ensuring our courses are up-to-date and relevant. This, combined with interactive and engaged learning, field trips, labs, masterclasses and industry visits, ensures that you are fully prepared for employability.

Another excellent resource available in our school is the LINKS office. This team works with our industry partners and students. They will guide all students when preparing for work placement and in many cases will connect you directly with potential industry partners. In addition, they organise other events to support graduate opportunities, alumni and visits from schools to GMIT.

Heritage related courses are available at both our Galway & Mayo Campuses. Study Heritage at our Galway campus and History & Geography and Culture & Environment on our Mayo Campus.

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Culinary Arts

BA (Honours) Culinary & Gastronomic Sciences
CAO Code: GA382
Campus: Galway
BA Culinary & Gastronomic Sciences
CAO Code: GA378
Campus: Galway
HC Culinary Arts - Professional Chef Programme
CAO Code: GA361
Campus: Galway


BA (Hons) International Hotel Management
CAO Code: GA380
Campus: Galway
BB Hotel and Catering Management
CAO Code: GA370
Campus: Galway
HC Hotel and Hospitality Operations
CAO Code: GA362
Campus: Galway
BB (Honours) Event Management and Public Relations
CAO Code: GA384
Campus: Galway
BB Event Management and Public Relations
CAO Code: GA376
Campus: Galway


BB (Honours) International Tourism Management
CAO Code: GA381
Campus: Galway
BB International Tourism Management
CAO Code: GA377
Campus: Galway
HC Business in Tourism
CAO Code: GA360
Campus: Galway
BA (Honours) History & Geography
CAO Code: GA887
Campus: Mayo
BA Culture and Environment
CAO Code: GA872
Campus: Mayo
HC History & Geography
CAO Code: GA862
Campus: Mayo
BA (Honours) Heritage Studies
CAO Code: GA282
Campus: Galway
BA Heritage Studies
CAO Code: GA272
Campus: Galway
HC Heritage Studies
CAO Code: GA364
Campus: Galway