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Why Heritage, History & Geography ?

Today, the Heritage sector supports 40,000 jobs in Ireland and accounts for €1.5 billion revenue annually.  It plays a vital role in Irelands tourism product, where 60% of all international visitors visit at least one Heritage site while in Ireland.​

Studying Heritage Studies in GMIT will provide you with a broad-based knowledge of the built, cultural and natural heritages of Ireland and Europe.  Students are exposed to every facet of the sector, partaking in regular field trips in Ireland, and abroad. This learning will provide you with an understanding of the role that heritage resource management plays in the safeguarding of national monuments, architecture, artefacts, archives, cultural landscapes, habitats, flora and fauna.​

“A people without the knowledge of their past, origin & culture is like a tree with no roots.” – Marcus Garvey​

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Heritage, History & Geography

BA (Honours) History & Geography
CAO Code: GA887
Campus: Mayo
BA Culture and Environment
CAO Code: GA872
Campus: Mayo
HC History & Geography
CAO Code: GA862
Campus: Mayo
BA (Honours) Heritage Studies
CAO Code: GA282
Campus: Galway
BA Heritage Studies
CAO Code: GA272
Campus: Galway
HC Heritage Studies
CAO Code: GA364
Campus: Galway