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Why Computing ?

Computing is all around us, and computer science – the science of information processes and their interactions with the world – spans both theory and practice. It encompasses the theoretical study of algorithms (unambiguous sequences of actions for solving problems or performing tasks), and the practical problems involved in implementing those algorithms with computer software and hardware. A degree in computing /IT provides a blend of theoretical and practical learning. It has a focus on critical thinking to solve real world problems across a variety of contexts and disciplines.

Computing degrees at GMIT are underpinned by a ‘learning by doing’ approach, ensuring that graduates develop a tangible and marketable set of skills, aptitudes and abilities. GMIT computing degrees provide extensive exposure to software development, digital graphics, web development, cloud computing, app development and application design. A computing degree develops skills and competencies which have an international currency and relevance; this may be particularly attractive to students wishing to work and travel internationally during their professional career.

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BSc (Honours) Business Information Systems
CAO Code: GA183
Campus: Galway
BSc Business Information Systems
CAO Code: GA171
Campus: Galway
BSc (Honours) Computing and Digital Media
CAO Code: GA788
Campus: Galway
BSc Computing and Digital Media
CAO Code: GA776
Campus: Galway
BSc (Honours) Software Devlopment
CAO Code: GA787
Campus: Galway
BSc Computing Software Development
CAO Code: GA775
Campus: Galway